We use Visual Strategy and Visual Mapping in our projects to capture complex business concepts in easy-to-grasp visuals that create a business narrative revealing common goals, how things work and what needs to be done.

Why? Because visuals make it easier for everyone to Understandto Convey, and to Remember concepts. Science has proven it.

Visual Process Mapping with TruVIZ®

is a process documenting method that captures the entire ‘story’ of exactly who does what, when and how – using visuals to create a business narrative.  At a glance, it becomes clear who communicates with whom, what systems are used and where hand-offs take place.  

The Visual Process Maps are created in a group environment with the map being drawn in real time. Everyone involved in the process takes part in the workshop, which means that processes are drawn as they actually are, not what we thought they ought to be. It also allows for brainstorming on adjustments that could improve the process, save money and/or increase customer satisfaction.

In short, this is what you’ll get with Visual Process Mapping:

✔ Quick results

the maps are drawn in real-time in a group environment

✔ Buy-in

key stakeholders and process owners take part in the workshop, which means that improved processes are the result of combined input from those on the ground

✔ Effective communication

complex process information is reduced to a series of visual snapshot views, which are far easier to communicate and retain

Understanding your processes is at the basis of any business improvements. Visual Process Mapping using TruVIZ® is a simple, very effective way to get to a grip on what is happening and how to improve it.

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Our client’s Client Onboarding system was unclear to the users and inconsistent to their clients.  The system was partially documented as a word document and excel spreadsheet.  The owner wanted the system to provide clarity, define roles and responsibilities, and encompass the entire process. 


Our goal was to facilitate discussion and capture in real time the Client Onboarding process to meet the client’s wants for the team – understand the process, what is expected/required and how to coordinate communications with supporting people and/or clients to create simplicity and efficiency.


Each team member had confidence that they correctly understood the Client Onboarding process. Through our process, we quickly discovered the process was unclear and inconsistent. Specifically:

  • The owner had the process nailed down…in her head. She had never shared how it should work with the team!
  • One team member had only been with the team for 4 months and hadn’t been exposed to the entire process
  • One team member had assumed responsibility for tasks beyond their role
  • The final member provided the Client Inputs but didn’t have a firm grasp on all the details.

This highlighted and confirmed for the owner the
need for a Visual Process Map with VizPro®.


The facilitated discussion and real-time, in person capture of the process, led to buy-in and alignment for all team members and the owner.



  • Learned the impact that incomplete or incorrect client data caused for both the team and the client.
  • Committed to providing complete Client Contracts to the team 
  • Understood that sales involvement was needed in the Client Onboarding process and when to step back in to interact with the client


  • Gained clarity of their role/responsibilities in the process
  • Learned when and how to communicate with client, client employees, and vendors

Human Resources:

  • Reduced their responsibilities by passing some tasks to Payroll
  • Gained clarity of owner’s expectations for vendor interactions


  • Shared her thoughts for how the process should work
  • Reduced her worry over this key – first client impression – process
  • Learned from the team any limiting or freeing factors to her ideal process

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